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Le Belier Blanc 2015.JPG

2015 Le Bélier blanc, $18

A crisp, delicious blend of 60% dry Riesling and 40% Pinot Gris! Approachable and balanced, with perfect green apple acidity offsetting a grapefruit-citrus zing! Once again, we sourced Riesling and Pinot Gris from Wheatland Vineyard to bring you a balanced, food friendly white blend that’s great for summer days on the porch or a winter pairing with steamed mussels or spicy thai shrimp!

Willamette Valley, Oregon, 50 cases produced


2018 Rosé of Tempranillo

Umpqua Valley, Oregon, 25 cases produced


2018 Le Bélier Blanca blend of 50% Gewurztraminer and 50% Riesling

Willamette Valley, Oregon, 12 cases produced


2018 Le Bélier OrangeSkin contact Gewurztraminer

Willamette Valley, Oregon, 50 cases produced


2018 Rosé of Cabernet Franc

Columbia Valley, Oregon, 25 cases produced


2018 Gewurztraminer

Willamette Valley, Oregon

20 cases produced


2018 Riesling

Willamette Valley, Oregon

20 cases produced

Sold Out: Our past wines, which our customers have enjoyed, as they are gone!

$25 (SOLD OUT!)

Bold yet supple,

this wine exhibits aromas of black cherry, mission fig, and leather. Rhubarb pie, strawberry hard candy, and sour cherry flavors abound, balanced by a hint of brown sugar and well structured tannins. This wine has some serious aging potential and pairs well with steak, lamb, charcuterie, dark chocolate, and family and friends!

Alder Ridge Vineyard, Washington State, 70 cases produced


2015 Tempranillo

$25 (SOLD OUT!)

Our 2015 Tempranillo is balanced and smooth, with well integrated tannins juxtaposed against a dark and subtle blackberry fruit-forwardness. While it's tempting to drink it now, this wine has some serious aging potential. Pairs well with roasted duck, baked salmon, sauteed mushrooms, and of course, family and friends!

Delfino Vineyards, Umpqua Valley, Oregon, 65 cases produced

Riesling 2016.JPG

2016 Reisling

$18 (SOLD OUT!)

sold out

Our 2016 Riesling is crisp, dry and oh so smooth! Meyer lemon citrus-y goodness balanced against flavors of ripe Fuji apples give way to hints of lime zest on the finish. While this wine is outstanding on a warm summer day, it's refreshing zest lends itself to year round consumption, and it's excellent with a wide variety of foods! Pairs well with seafood, spicy thai food, and of course, family and friends!

Willamette Valley, Oregon, 30 cases produced


2015 Cabernet Franc

$25 (SOLD OUT!)

Our 2015 Cabernet Franc brings intrigue to your glass right from the start. Aromas of black currant, under-ripe raspberries, and jalapenos give way to flavors of sweet bell pepper, tobacco leaf, green peppercorn, and black currant jam. Drinkable now, this wine has outstanding aging potential! Balanced and approachable, this wine pairs well with friends and family, as well as poultry, lamb, pork, pasta, and grilled beef!

Alder Ridge, Washington State, 70 cases produced