Frequently asked questions - and answers - about RAM Cellars and our wines


Do you ship your wines?

Yes, we do!  We offer flat rate, tiered shipping as follows:

  • 1 Bottle $10 shipping

  • 2 Bottles $20 shipping

  • 3 bottles $30 shipping

  • 4 Bottles $35 Shipping

  • 5 bottles $40 shipping

  • 6 bottles $45 shipping

  • 7 bottles $50 shipping

  • 8-9 bottles $55 shipping

  • 9-11 bottles $60 shipping

  • Case of wine $65 shipping

Shipments will arrive via UPS and will require an adult signature for delivery.  Disclaimer: We are unable to ship wine to the following states: Alabama, Kentucky, and Utah.  We have the licensure to ship to most other states;  If you have questions, please contact us at

I'm interested in your wine club!

Our goal with the Cellar Club is to show our customers how much we appreciate them by offering great prices on all the wines we produce, including exclusive Cellar Club-only offerings each year.  The discount for membership applies year round on any and all purchases - whether in person or online. 

Each tier of the Cellar Club can be tailored to your wine preference with options including Red WIne-Centric, White Wine-Centric, and a standard assortment!  Let us know when you sign up which lineup you prefer, and we'll make sure to keep you supplied with great wines tailored to your tastes!.

Wine club release dates will occur twice yearly, one sometime in the Spring (Usually in April) and one in the winter (Usually in November right after harvest wraps up).  Throughout the year, Cellar club members will receive updates on limited release and Cellar Club only releases as they occur!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via credit card, paypal, and RAM Cellars gift cards for online orders.  At events, we accept cash and credit cards.  We can also invoice via Square for orders.  If you have any questions, please contact us at


Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards?

We do indeed proudly offer RAM Cellars gift cards.  Follow the link below to purchase a gift card.  Gift cards can be redeemed online or in person and are available in increments starting at $25.  Any questions, please contact us at!

I have a question about my order.

We value your business and will work to make sure you're satisfied with your experience!  Contact us at and we will return your correspondence within 24 hours!

AND, finally, for clarification’s sake, we’ll answer this question too: Wait, I’m confused…where’s Rodger?

Listen, friends, we know we’ve been around in the market place for a little while, and that generally you all found Rodger to be passionate and (hopefully) charming out there pouring, selling, and talking about the wines. But there’s more to the story, and it’s summed up best with a quote from our winemaker from the fall of 2018::

"It's always been special to me to connect with others over the wines.  As you may know, it's my passion project.  However, as with everything in my life up until recently, I always had to hold back a portion of myself.  You see, my friends, I am finally moving forward as my true self and bringing my truth to light.  After a lifetime of struggling with it, I have acknowledged that I am transgender and identify as female.  The choice to move forward as myself has brought me a profound level of peace, and a baseline happiness I thought would never be possible for me.  As such, the care and attention I can put into the wines - and into crafting and providing a true experience around the wines - will be, and already is so much greater.  I'm beyond excited to finally get to meet you - and pour for you - as myself.”

Vivianne Marks
Winemaker + Owner
RAM Cellars

We believe that pretty much sums it up, but if you have any questions, you’re welcome to reach out to our winemaker at: